3 Features to Look for in a Virtual Meeting Solution

Virtual meetings are a great way to keep your internal and external stakeholders connected with one another. From sales training and product reviews to meeting with customers or prospects, virtual meeting solutions can serve as an all-in-one tool to create better business for your company.

By combining video, audio and screen sharing, virtual meetings make it easier than ever to share information, regardless of your location. If your business is ready to try a virtual meeting solution, but doesn’t know where to start, check out these three critical features to look for before you buy:

1. Intuitive Interface: There’s nothing worse than rolling out a new product to your employees, and receiving feedback that it’s just too hard to use. Make sure you look for an intuitive design when you’re choosing a virtual meeting solution for your business.

Begin with finding a solution that has a simple interface; a tool that’s designed with the user in mind. For example, PGi’s iMeet makes it easier for participants to connect their audio by having the meeting call them. There’s no dial-in numbers or passcodes to remember, just 1-click and the program calls an attendee’s phone or computer.

Features like this will make sure that your new virtual meeting tool is widely accepted by employees.

2. Video and Audio Conferencing Capabilities: When searching for a virtual meeting solution, integrated audio and video capabilities are key components. All virtual meeting tools may have one or the other, but finding a solution that has both streamlines your purchase.

Having audio is a no brainer when it comes to meetings, but finding a virtual meeting provider that also offers consistent, quality audio with features like VoIP calling can keep your meetings productive and save you money by cutting your reliance on PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Video capabilities, while not always necessary, are great for making sure all meeting participants are able to see and react to non-verbal cues. With video, you’ll be able to recreate a traditional face-to-face meeting and keep your participants more engaged.

3. Cloud-based: What’s the point in having a virtual meeting solution if you can’t use it anywhere at any time? Cloud-based applications live on the Internet rather than just locally on a device, such as your desktop. The advantage of cloud-based applications is that you can use them at any time, on any device as long as you have an Internet connection. All of the information and settings you stored on one device will automatically populate the next time you use the program.

From consistent quality audio and video conferencing to sharing documents and presentations, having a cloud-based tool will make sure you are getting the full experience each time, regardless of what device you’re using and where you’re working from.

Finding the right virtual meeting solution for your business will take some time and consideration, but remember these three features will ensure your users will get the most out virtual meeting experiences each and every time.

If you’re ready for a cloud-based virtual meeting solution that’s easy to use, check out PGi’s iMeet, free for 30 days.

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