3 Must-Have Tips for Effective Social Selling

Submitted by: Josh Erwin

The world of sales is constantly evolving. Changing buyer perceptions and preferences, evolving technology tools and ever-shifting goals force sales professionals to constantly adapt to survive. For example, the cold call is all but dead; according to a recent study by InsideView, more than 90% of CEOs said they never respond to cold calls.

Social media is just one of the new tools in sales’ arsenal, but just like any tool, you have to be smart in its application. Here are three must-have tips for effective social selling:

1) Do the Reading

Social sharing is almost too easy these days. You’re never more than a click away from rebroadcasting anything you find on the Internet to your followers, but if you want to develop a credible professional social presence online, you have to do the legwork. Don’t skim a headline and hit “share,” or simply think that because someone else shared something that it’s inherently valuable. Take the time to read (really read) any content you’re thinking about sharing with your clients or potential clients to make sure it 100% aligns with the message and brand you’re trying to build.

Doing the reading is also integral to Tip #2:

2) Add Your Own Touch

A key component to building social credibility is demonstrating knowledge of what you’re sharing. If all you ever do is Retweet or add fluff words like “Truth!” your followers can quickly lose interest. Add your own POV to what you share. Do you agree with the post, or think it could’ve addressed issues in a better way? Take the opportunity to show off your own knowledge on a topic to create engaging social shares, rather than simply flooding your prospects with article after article.

And the biggest key to social selling?

3) Don’t Sell!

Seems counterintuitive, right? But think about this—if someone in your feeds did nothing but spout sales and product features, would you keep following them? Social selling isn’t a megaphone; it’s about building a professional brand, demonstrating credibility, engaging with prospects and building relationships in a more modern way. Leave the scripts and feature lists at home and focus on sharing relevant content, tailoring your message to your target audience and building a genuinely engaging social presence online. That’s how you’ll become a memorable professional contact instead of another spammy social media account.

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