3 Simple Tips to Overcome Your Presentation Fears

Do you ever get anxiety just from the mere thought of public speaking? You’re not alone. This is one of the most common phobias in our society today. In fact, it’s estimated that as much as 75 percent of the population struggles with a fear of public speaking to a certain degree.

Giving a presentation can be both scary and overwhelming. However, almost everyone will have to give a presentation at some point during his or her career. To help you kick this fear, we’ve compiled a list of three essential tips to finally overcome your presentation fears.

1. Be Prepared

When you’re nervous, it is easy to stand up for a presentation and completely forget everything you are going to say. Make sure you are prepared. Practice your presentation over and over again until you have it down to a tee. Practice really does make perfect. If you aren’t 100 percent comfortable with what you are going to say prior to your presentation, odds are your mind will go blank when the times comes to actually give the presentation. The more prepared you are, the less you will worry.

2. Relax

The five minutes before a presentation are the worst. You constantly stress, and your mind fills with thoughts of every possible way the presentation could go wrong. Find a way to relax that works best for you. Maybe that means pumping yourself up with your favorite jam or simply lying down, closing your eyes and taking deep breathes. Most importantly, clear your mind of negative thoughts. Think only positive thoughts. Tell yourself, “I’m going to rock this presentation.” Not only will this boost your confidence, but it will also relieve your stress.

3. Engage your Audience

Find a way to make the presentation interactive. Create more of a conversational setting as opposed to you talking to a group of people blankly staring at you. Ask questions and give people an opportunity to contribute their own thoughts. With other people talking, you won’t feel as if you’re on center stage anymore. By engaging your audience, your nerves will slowly calm. Everyone will also get a lot more out of the presentation.

These quick and easy tips will lead you away from your fears toward a more stress free presentation experience.

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