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3 Things to Look for in a Conference Call Solution

Yesterday’s conference call essentials were features like recording, reporting and toll free access numbers, but as the conference call becomes ubiquitous, users want more from their audio solutions.

So what should you shop for now to stay ahead of the curve? Here are three things to look for in a conference call solution:

  1. Hybrid audio. Some providers only offer traditional phone line connectivity, which means you cannot dial in from your desktop. A hybrid audio network also lets you seamlessly join conference calls by VoIP, which is not only more convenient for many users but also more cost-effective for international dialers. Some providers may accommodate VoIP with third-party integrations, but this can increase your costs and complicate billing.
  2. Full integrations. Web and video integrations are quickly becoming must have features for conference calls, but not all providers keep your full-featured audio controls intact with integrations. You may lose some conference feature choices, compromising your consistent user experience.
  3. Meeting management. Conference calls are now so pervasive in the workplace, many users no longer want a solution that just helps them host meetings – they want a solution that helps them manage more productive meetings. So here’s what you need: a solution with a web interface, calendar integration and mobile applications. Intuitive desktop and mobile visual controls make it easier to control the conversation, while calendar integration makes it easier to schedule and track meetings. One-click joining and visibility on who’s speaking means you can start on time, end on time and stay on track.

Aside from these modern audio essentials, your buying decision should depend on your unique needs.

Of course, ease of use and mobility should always be on your high-level considerations, and don’t just focus on the solution – evaluate the audio provider, as well. You’ll also have to choose between on-premise or SaaS solutions, whether you’ll need operator assistance and how much flexibility you need when it comes to pricing.

To make more informed decisions when it comes to the tough choices, search and subscribe to PGi’s Collaboratory now. You’ll find the latest insights on how to buy and make the most out of conference calls so you can skip ahead and focus on what matters most – collaboration.

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