3 Tips for Salespeople on Creating an Authentic Social Presence

Submitted by: Josh Erwin

Social networking is a powerful tool for the modern sales force. In fact, 75% of B2B buying decisions today are influenced by social media. If you want to stay relevant and engaged with your customers and potential buyers, you have to master the ever-changing landscape of social media across several different platforms.

Here are 3 tips for salespeople looking to create an authentic, engaging social presence online:

Be Yourself
No one online wants to interact with a faceless corporate drone! Even if your primary reason for starting a social network account is to engage customers or prospects, you have to bring your own personality to the table to create an authentic social presence. Share content from your favorite websites, even if they’re not related to your product, service or industry. Talk about your favorite sports team, movie or TV show.

And if you are sharing content that’s related to your product or service, why not show a little personality and do so through video?

Don’t Mindlessly Share
The most annoying social accounts are the ones that simply blast out link after link from other sources with no context or purpose. You’re never more than one annoying share away from being unfollowed, unsubscribed or unliked online. Even if you are sharing content online, add your own commentary to it. Demonstrate your expertise, challenge an author’s point or encourage your followers to respond and discuss. If all you’re doing is hitting the “RT” or “Share” buttons on everything you find, be prepared for your follower numbers to plummet.

Know Your Medium
Different social networks have different “rules,” even if they’re mostly unspoken, about what to share and how to share it. For example, Twitter is much more of a stream of consciousness, where you’ll be expected to add your personal commentary and personality (see “Be Yourself” above). LinkedIn, on the other hand, is all business: it’s the perfect place for you to share more industry-specific content that helps make the case for your product or service. If you don’t respect the tones and mores of each of your respective networks, you’ll come across as patently inauthentic.

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