3 Tips to Easily Schedule Online Meetings in Outlook

Scheduling meetings, especially last minute ones, can get a bit tricky if you’re meeting with a large group of people or with people in different locations. From finding a time that works for everyone to including all the appropriate contacts and materials, scheduling can be a hassle.

Microsoft Outlook makes scheduling online meetings a little easier. Here are three tips guaranteed to make scheduling your next meeting simple and stress-free for both you and your guests.

Scheduling Assistant: First and foremost, you’re going to need to see when everyone is available. By using Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant, you can choose a time when everyone can meet by looking at the invitee’s free/busy information in Calendar.

Simply enter the desired contact name in your Address Book, and your free/busy grid will show the availability of the attendees. This works especially well for scheduling online meetings with guests in different locations.
Color Coded Messages: We all have pack calendars, so what’s an easy way to keep track of type of online meetings you have scheduled? Use Outlook’s Color Coded messages feature. The benefit of this tool is you can mark a meeting as private, personal or confidential, or you can tag it with a high or low importance.

Tracking: After you have sent out your proposed times and have set a definite time for your online meeting, send out an invite to your guests.

With the tracking feature, you can take the guest work out of who has responded to your invitation. Using this feature, you’ll be able to quickly see who has responded.

To use the tool, click on the desired meeting and click the tracking icon. The list of invitees will display along with their response. This way, you’ll make sure the appropriate people aren’t missing out on your online meeting.

These tips will help you fully utilize the features of Outlook, but to further your online meeting experience, try PGi’s iMeet®, free for 30 days. iMeet® conveniently  connects to Outlook so you can schedule and join your next online meeting with ease.

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