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4 Fun Presentation Ideas Using Idea Boards in Your Meetings

Looking for fresh new presentation ideas for your meetings? Idea boards are no longer just for your aspiring goals. For the app-capable worker, idea boards are fantastic ways to expand whiteboard-functionality into inspirational, visually appealing presentation ideas.

Here are four presentation ideas using these great idea boards apps:

  1. For Apple iPad® users, Idea Boards ($1.99) digitizes your whiteboard, chalkboard, graph paper and legal pad into one, easy to use iPad app. During your presentations, use this great app for real-time digital drawing, charting and even taking notes. The real beauty for you comes from enhanced productivity because you can simply email the board to your guests versus manually translating written notes and doodles into an email-friendly format.
  2. The power of corkboards goes virtual in the iOS Apple iPhone® app Corkulous Pro ($4.99). Instead of just entering yet another bullet point in your PowerPoint presentation, Corkulous lets you take collaboration virtual in your next meeting. Pin pictures, to-do lists, headlines, roadmaps, forecasts and more inside your meeting, and let the collaboration continue after with sharing via Dropbox or old-school email export.
  3. Although the Moodboard iPad app ($9.99) was originally created for photographers, event planners and designers, Moodboard is a vibrant way to present new ideas, project plans and sales pitches without Death by Powerpoint repercussions. Create boards for every presentation with images, text and even link-outs for a truly interactive presentation.
  4. Pinterest is a great, free way to capitalize on the power of idea boards without the cost. This free account allows you to create unique boards with images, infographics, charts, web pages and even embedded SlideShare presentations for you Powerpoint-inclined presenters. Simply connect your PC to the Internet in your meetings and share your board with the audience. It’s definitely more interesting than bullet points!

Do you use idea boards in your presentations? Any other apps that would be good in a business presentation setting?

Image courtesy of Apple iTunes®.

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