Four Easy Tips for Better Workday and Meeting Management

4 Tips for Better Meetings and Workday Management

By Annie Tsai, PGi Director of Customer Experience
Ever wonder where the day goes? You’re running in and out of meetings. You’re on the phone for 8.5 hours of a 10-hour workday. You have an unmanageable list of action items. What do you do?

Here are some better meetings management tips for getting more done in a single workday:

1. Block time off in your calendar for the “doing”. There’s no use having meetings if you can’t action on them. Be flexible in moving things around if you need to, but prioritize a certain number of hours per week to DO.

2. Leave the office for a few hours. Try a cafe, the library, the park, home, a hidden conference room — somewhere where people can’t knock on the door and “grab you for ten minutes,” which inevitably always ends up being 25 minutes.

3. Consolidate meetings. You’ll need to make sure you publish an agenda and moderate the meeting closely, but try to consolidate meetings when you can when the same people are involved.

4. Just say no. Most meetings never need to happen. Identify the wastes of time, delegate responsibility and feel free to communicate over email or company project management tool instead.

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