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4 Ways to Use Polls & Surveys to Boost Audience Engagement

Crafting an engaging experience for your meeting participants is key to a successful presentation. There are numerous features of web conferencing that can help boost audience engagement if used properly, including surveys and polls. Using these web conferencing features to get your meeting attendees involved will help create exciting and memorable online presentations.

Along with creating a more engaging experience, these tools can also help you learn more about your guests, providing valuable information and insights for future meetings, webinars or other content.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from utilizing these interactive web conferencing features during your next online meeting:

Learn what your audience is looking for. Before you invest time and money in an event like a webinar that you hope your audience will benefit from, create a poll asking what kind of information they would like to see in your webinar. To narrow down results, give participants various options to choose from. Not only will you get your audience thinking before your event, but you’ll also make sure you’re getting the best ROI on your next webinar before putting it together.

Generate content. Insights from your audiences—often those who are valuable voices in your industry – make for intriguing content for various outlets. Extend the value of your poll by using your guests’ answers as springboards for additional content, including blogs, eBooks, white papers, social media posts, and of course, more webinars.

Get social. Before your webinar even begins, create a social media strategy. Establish a hashtag for your event so your audience can live-tweet from their accounts. Encourage the use of built-in Twitter widgets during your event and give your guests an excuse to socialize. You’ll not only get the audience engaged, but you’ll also extend your reach to their networks.

Receive valuable feedback. While both surveys and polls are valuable before and during your event, don’t forget about the after! Curious if your attendees’ expectations were met during your event, or how they feel about the products you’re selling? Just ask! A simple, one-to-two question post-event poll can provide valuable insight as to the effectiveness of your presentation, its content and your products and services.

Regardless of your goal for the survey or poll, you’ll be able to receive valuable insights from the people who matter most – your audience.

Not only can you grab your audience’s attention with interactive web conferencing features like surveys and polls, but you’ll be able to create engaging content from the results. Looking for a tool that offers these web conferencing features? Check out PGi’s GlobalMeet®, free for 30 days.

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