5 Presentation Apps for Your Next Online Meeting

With all of the recent advances in technology – more powerful web browsers and website capabilities, powerful mobility tools and enhanced social integration, just to name a few – one has to wonder why the lowly PowerPoint has remained untouched for so long. Sure, some of the templates, charts, and word art capabilities have improved over the years, but you’re almost always still stuck with boring slides full of bulleted lists and idea dumps – a surefire recipe for Death by PowerPoint.

Luckily, several companies have created apps with an eye on the future of the presentation, leveraging some of today’s tech to give users the flexibility and opportunity to create dynamic, engaging and easily sharable content. If you’re looking for fresh presentation ideas, look no further.


Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that allows for the creation of dynamic, narrative-driven presentations that can bring your most vivid presentation ideas to life in striking fashion. Presentation-Apps-Online-MeetingPrezis are created on a canvas that allows presentations to be driven through a path, which can be zoomed, rotated, and framed, bringing a level of story-telling to your presentations that was previously difficult if not impossible. You can send meeting guests to your Prezi’s URL or screen share it from your favorite web meeting app.


SlideShare is an online presentation community, bringing the culture of social sharing to the world of PowerPoints and PDFs. SlideShare presentations are meant to be easily distributed publically or privately, across the web or internally on corporate intranets. They can also be easily embedded into blogs or social media sites, giving you and your meeting guests the flexibility to view your presentations during your next meeting through a variety of methods.

iMeet and GlobalMeet

Building a dynamic presentation in a cool new app is only half the battle. Presentation-Apps-Online-Meeting
The other half is having the right tool to share your presentation with your meeting guests. Both iMeet and GlobalMeet let you, as a meeting host, drive your presentation from your desktop or iPad®, giving you the freedom to share your vision with your guests rather than constantly checking in and making sure everyone is on the right slide. After all, what’s the point of crafting a beautiful presentation if half your guests have clicked ahead or aren’t even looking at it? iMeet and GlobalMeet put you in the driver’s seat, even when meeting remotely, so you can be sure your presentation will have the proper impact.

Google Presentations

At first glance, a Google Presentation might seem to be little more than Google’s answer to PowerPoint and many of the features are similar. But, as usual, the Google infrastructure is the strength behind Google’s presentation offering. Several users can collaborate on a presentation in real-time via Google Docs. And everything is stored in the cloud, meaning your presentation is accessible from anywhere, on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, readily available to share at your next virtual meeting.


Sliderocket is another company looking to revolutionize the way we build presentations. Sliderocket has an emphasis on collaboration for company teams, with built-in version control and shared slide libraries. Additionally, Sliderocket boasts an impressive analytics suite that allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your presentations, which slides work and which don’t, and what actions your audience took as a result. Sliderocket presentations can be exported to a public URL for easy sharing during your web meetings.

We’d love to hear about your favorite presentation apps for both mobile and desktop. Did your fave make the top 5 list? What mobile presentation app did we miss?

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