5 Presentation Ideas to Screen Share with the Pros in Online Meetings

Submitted by: PGi Blogger

Wow your boss, customers and vendors with these screen sharing tips to make your next virtual meeting the toast of the office.

Online meetings and screen share are a vital part of the way we do business today. In online meetings, we showcase our products, collaborate on documents, share websites and more using today’s most innovative screen sharing technology. But when you share your screen, ever wonder if your boss gets the big picture and if the technology is clear enough to impress your customers? Or do you dread an embarrassing instant message popping-up during the presentation?

Here are 5 presentation ideas to help you screen share with the pros in online meetings to get that next big raise or close that deal:

fea_screenshare1. Pick the right screen sharing technology. With the plethora of free screen sharing offers, it’s easy to get roped into sub-par screen sharing experiences. To avoid delays, resolution problems and “can you see it?” hassles, pick a screen share solution integrated into an online meetings platform that is built for business, like iMeet video conferencing by PGi. Here are some benefits:

  • Only one mouse click to launch screen sharing — no awkward silences because of glitchy technology.
  • No downloads for guests — huge for having a great online presentation without the hassle.
  • Crystal clear screen share quality — no fuzz, latency or delays.
  • Zoom and focus on specific content — goodbye, “Oops, you saw my email pop-up” issues during the screen sharing experience.

Want to try iMeet screen share free for 30 days? Just click here to get started.

2. Customize the experience to your audience. Most screen sharing tech today is generic — cookie cutter technology that merely serves as the means to an end. To spice up your screen sharing presentations, choose online meetings tech that lets you personalize the screen share experience. With iMeet, for example, you can change the room background, choose a meeting title, share your bio, connect on social media and give your meeting guests a name and a face. This innovative online meetings hospitality showcases your innovation and draws your guests into the presentation — not into their Outlook inboxes.

3. Turn your webcam on. 53% of communication is nonverbal, which means that when you’re just showing your screen and talking, you’re missing out on a vital part of the presentation experience: YOU. Turn on your webcam while sharing your screen, and with technology like iMeet, your audience can see you speaking and hear you talking while viewing your screen for 100% communication goodness.

4. Integrate multi-media into your screen share presentations. Even during screen sharing, you run the risk of torturing meeting guests with Death by Powerpoint (or Excel). With an easy-to-use online meetings app, it’s incredibly easy to switch from screen share to streaming YouTube videos to sharing documents because everything takes a single click. This presentation idea will rescue your meeting from dullsville and engage your audience in an exciting multi-media experience.

5. Collaborate in text. The constant danger in online meetings is multitasking, especially while staring at shared Excel spreadsheets. To keep everyone engaged (and out of email) encourage your meeting guests to contribute to the online meetings chat and notes fields within the video conference. And with online meetings tech like iMeet, your guests don’t have to toggle between multiple screens or complicated user interfaces. They experience everything — your webcam, chat, notes and the screen — in a single browser window.

Screen sharing is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses, reducing travel costs and saving the environment by making presentations readily available online. But when it comes to maximizing productivity and the effectiveness of your screen share presentations, integrate these five presentation ideas to wow your guests, eliminate screen sharing hassles and have a darn good meeting.

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