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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Online Meeting Solution

Why did you choose your online meeting solution? Think about it.

If the response that comes to mind is because it’s what you’ve always used, isn’t it time you reconsidered the true value it brings your business?

If you were a first-time buyer, you may have purchased what was most affordable, familiar or free. But once your businesses surpassed its original needs, that “starter software” became hand-me-down technology that solved less and less of the new challenges you now face.

Here are five signs it’s time for a new online meeting solution that’s better suited to your collaboration needs:

  1. Your technology is behind the times. Today’s online meeting solutions offer the best of audio, web and video conferencing features, all rolled into one convenient service. Online meetings take place in HD video, you can store and access files from anywhere and downloads are a thing of the past. If your current solution hasn’t caught up with the times, that’s a sure sign you need to look for a new one.
  2. Your online meeting solution hasn’t grown with you. The first technology you choose isn’t always still the best option once you’ve grown your customer base, expanded your operations or acquired new businesses. Your meetings may have grown from five to 125 people in a conference room from around the world, and your business needs and challenges probably changed, as well. Now it may be time to discover technology that grows your company, not just cuts costs.
  3. Every department uses a different online meeting solution. The more you can adopt your technology to a variety of functions, the more you’ll increase ROI and enhance cross-functional collaboration. Modern solutions now offer customizable features to match different workflows and integrate with existing applications.
  4. Everyone still hates online meetings. Meetings are supposed to help you collaborate quickly and effortlessly from wherever you are, but if your employees or clients still complain, it’s time to reevaluate your technology. Overly complicated features, an inconsistent mobile experience, high bandwidth requirements and unreliable audio ultimately result in poor user adoption and wasted meeting time.
  5. You consider your provider a vendor, not a partner. The best online meeting solutions offer 24/7 customer service and in-call support and work with you to accommodate your unique collaboration needs. If your technology provider is more of an operations facilitator than a partner in innovation, look at other options that will provide better business insights and collaboration expertise.

Did you identify any of these signs at your business? Then use these resources to get started searching for a new online meeting solution:

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