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Bad Business Etiquette

5 Ways Bad Business Etiquette Ruins Your Productivity

If you think business etiquette is a thing of yesteryear, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Today’s digital workforce communicates and collaborates more than ever, which means your odds of slipping up have increased. And when you do, bad business etiquette can cost not only you but also your entire team in terms of productivity at work.

Here are five ways your bad business etiquette cripples productivity and holds you back from being a MVP at work:

1. Multitasking hurts your work performance. Bad news: if you’re sending emails during online meetings or writing reports during conference calls, you’re likely not doing your best on any of these tasks. Only two percent of people can really multitask, according to studies. Not only are you being noisy and disengaged to meeting participants by multitasking, but you’re also probably in the 98 percent that won’t perform as well.

2. If time is money, poor etiquette is like the person who thinks money grows on trees. Sometimes your funny forwards really do cheer up your colleagues, but when it becomes excessive, you’re sucking precious time out of their schedule. Every email coded in text lingo that requires a Google search adds up, and each time you’re late to a video conference eats into everyone’s precious time.

3. Poor etiquette can spread like wildfire. Your lack of self-control can socially influence everyone around you to slip into the same bad habits, according to research. Just remember the Golden Rule when it comes to business etiquette. If you wouldn’t want a colleague to “CC” you on mass emails, then respect their inbox, too.

4. Bad manners cost teams big time in motivation and productivity. Your lack of self-restraint can make colleagues feel disrespected, resulting in stress and poor morale. Poor employee morale leads to disconnected workers, decreased motivation and poor work-life balance when the stress of discourtesy in the office follows workers home.

5. Bad business etiquette holds you back at work. Even if you don’t care if your teammates hate your bad etiquette, you probably will when it stumps your paycheck’s growth. In fact, people value business etiquette so much that roughly 85 percent say it impacts career prospects in a recent survey.

Now, for the good news: changing bad business etiquette is easy! With the right etiquette rules for today’s business climate, you’ll be well on your way to collaborating like a superstar and climbing the corporate ladder.


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