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Better Worklife Balance Tips for More Productive Employees

5 Work-Life Balance Tips to Make Your Summer Productive

If you find yourself gazing longingly out of your office window this summer or counting down the days to weekend freedom, you’re not alone. The sunshine beckons, and workers all over the world have only three months to sneak in fun in the sun.

So how do you manage your busy workload and still get your summer tan? Here are a couple fun five work-life balance tips to get your job done and enjoy the sunshine.

1. Take a walk. It’s so easy to get sucked into email jail and back-to-back meetings (trust us – we know) that you might not even see the sun during the work week. That needs to change ASAP. Sunshine is a healing, rejuvenating natural phenomenon. During your lunch break or just when you feel that email slump coming on, get out of your office chair and head outside for five minutes – we promise you’ll see a difference.

2. Try team-building in the great outdoors. If you’re getting the sunshine blues, you can bet your colleagues and employees are feeling it, too. This is the perfect season to build your team mojo with some easy fun. If you have budget, nature companies have corporate teambuilding programs from rafting to team obstacle courses (remember those from school?). If you’re running low on money, just hit a local park, search the internet for some ideas and enjoy the sunshine.

3. Picnic — at work. If you have a family, your kids are out of summer break and enjoying swimming, museums, sports and more. If you’re at work, you’re missing out. The best way to stay involved in their summer fun is the only leisure hour during the working day — lunch. Invite your family to a picnic lunch on your corporate campus or at a local park. Pack a meal, a blanket and some sporting equipment for a speed date with your family.

4. Plan free Fridays. Three-day weekends are rejuvenation magic and a great way to sneak away for a mini-vacation, whether you’re hitting the beach or just planning a staycation. By taking only three personal days, you can have three different vacations in a three-month period. Go crazy and take the following Monday off, as well — your friends and family will love it.

5. Clients need sunshine, too. You suffer from summertime back-to-back meetings and never-ending email strings. You can be sure your clients experience the same thing every day. One of the best ways to make a good impression on your customers (and get a leg-up on the competition) is to create an experience they will remember. Get your clients out of their office building and out into the sun — golf, baseball parks or patio lunches will rejuvenate your clients in the summer sun.

Our newfound flexibility gives us the opportunity to break out from the 9-to-5 day and start thinking creatively about balancing our work and personal lives. In the summer, it’s all about family, friends and sunshine — and work can be an exciting addition to this list.

Need just one more hour of pool time? Find out how to #TakeBack60 minutes at work on PGi’s blog.

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