6 Hacks to Effective Conference Calling

Conference calls are a part of every modern day workplace, which is why it’s so important for professionals to understand the art of conference calling. Whether it’s a weekly sales pipeline meeting with various offices or a marketing strategy session with outside vendors, conference calls are pretty much inevitable when working with multiple entities across different locations

And while conference calls remain a staple to continuing daily business, sometimes it can be hard for guests to see them as the most efficient means of communication. To fire up your conference calling skills and make your conference calls more effective, try these six tips and tricks:

  • Prepare an agenda before your meeting starts. By creating an agenda, you’ll be able to control talking points of the meeting, keep the call productive and have documentation of the meeting’s outcome. Make sure you provide the meeting agenda to your guests before the call so they have a better understanding of the meeting’s purpose.
  • Start your call on time. It may sound like an obvious tip, but everyone has experienced a conference call that has started late, and because of this, the call spills over the allotted time for the meeting. Be respectful of your guests and their time and stick to the schedule.
  • Take attendance of who’s on your call. If you’re missing guests or attendees are late, you can make sure someone either takes minutes, or, if you’re using an all-in-one online meeting tool with audio like PGi’s iMeet®, you can record the meeting and distribute it to those who weren’t able to make the call.
  • Host calls only when needed. Understanding when to host a meeting and when to have a brief conversation is extremely important. Before you even send out an invitation for a call, make sure you have a clear and defined purpose for the meeting.
  • Dedicate your full attention when on the call. Sometimes it’s far too easy to multitask when conference calling. Make sure you shut down any distractions on your laptop, turn off notifications for texts and emails and make sure you are giving your guests your undivided attention.
  • Send a follow-up email with a summary of the call shortly after your meeting ends. Keep solutions, feedback and ideas fresh on everyone’s minds. If necessary, create a list of next steps and responsibilities for those that were on the call. Encourage feedback and questions about the call with the group.

Going forward, remember these six hacks to improve your conference calling skills and make your next conference call more successful. Ready to try an audio solution that’s effective as well? Check out PGi’s GlobalMeet® Audio, a fresh new take on audio conferencing that combines the highest quality audio with a user-friendly interface all accessible from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

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