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Are Web Meetings Secure?

For IT decision makers, security is always top-of-mind, whether they’re evaluating new data storage options, managing their BYOD strategy or incorporating new software into their company’s network. Web meetings can pose serious security and compliance risks for an organization if the tool they’re using isn’t properly secured; important information is shared in web meetings in the form of audio, chats, confidential files and more. In particular, free-to-use and consumer level products often offer considerably less security than their enterprise-hardened business counterparts.

When evaluating an audio or web conferencing tool, it’s important for IT buyers to understand the details of a product’s security offerings, from in-meeting security features to the security of the network infrastructure.

Administrative Control
For many industries, features like chat, recording, social media integration and file sharing aren’t simply security risks; they’re outright banned by compliance regulations. In order for these companies to experience the productivity and mobility benefits of web meetings, there has to be a level of administrative control offered to IT to manage and disable these features at the individual or company level.

Both iMeet® and GlobalMeet® offer administrative consoles where various features of both products can be disabled and controlled to ensure that your company’s web meetings meet all of the stringent security and compliance needs of your organization and industry.

Meeting-Level Security Features
At the user level, it’s vitally important for any web meeting tool to provide simple and intuitive security features. The ability to lock rooms once meetings begin, prevent meetings from starting until the host has joined and generate passcodes for participants all give your company’s employees the flexibility to secure their most confidential and important web meetings. With the increased proliferation of BYOD and mobile meetings, these features should also be available in your provider’s mobile apps.

Network Security and Encryption
For IT and network administrators, the security of the underlying infrastructure is just as important if not more so than features like administrative consoles and meeting room locks. Weak, unsecured or unencrypted network traffic can leave your sensitive communications and meetings exposed to intruders.

PGi’s network is enterprise ready, with industry-leading encryption, redundancy and resilience built in to ensure secure, dependable web meetings. Over 75% of the Fortune 100™ depend on PGi for their meetings and entrust us with the security of some of the most important and confidential meetings in the world.

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