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Lync Audio Conferencing

How to Become a Lync Audio Conferencing Expert

Microsoft® Lync® Online (now Skype for Business) is a powerful communication tool for connecting your entire company, but how do you connect your company with clients, partners and mobile workers to extend the value of your unified communications and collaboration investment?

Become an expert on Lync audio conferencing to get the most out of your investment and ensure your solution truly meets all of your collaborative needs.

The Benefits of Lync Audio / Skype for Business Integration
Microsoft Lync Online offers users the ability to start a meeting anytime right from their computer, but unfortunately, that’s not the only way that users work. While audio conferencing is one of Lync’s many capabilities, its VoIP-only audio puts limitations on when, where and with whom you can collaborate.

By integrating a separate audio conferencing service, you can have an integrated conferencing experience and connect from a phone, too. Unlike your software provider, a true audio conferencing expert will also provide you with better call control, a variety of ways to connect and enhanced global coverage.

Before you choose a Lync audio conferencing service, it’s important to develop your understanding of what your users need and the collaboration complexity that you need audio integration to resolve.

3 Must Reads on Lync Audio / Skype for Business Conferencing
To become an educated Lync audio conferencing buyer, get started with these three must-read articles and white papers on the complexity of and audio solutions for your Lync investment:

  1. Why Do I Need a Lync Audio Conferencing Provider?: Better audio quality is only one benefit of leveraging a Lync audio provider. Like most enterprises, yours is probably collaborating with a larger group of mobile, external and international users more than ever. Here’s how that impacts your Lync deployment.
  2. Tips for Choosing a Lync Audio Conferencing Provider: Because this unified communications solution is so critical to your company’s collaboration needs, it’s important to choose a provider you trust and that offers the expertise and support you need. Here’s how to assess those qualifications.
  3. Powering Collaboration in the Unified Communications Era: Make sure you understand the complexity of your Lync endpoints and access methods to ensure your provider sufficiently meets the needs of your Lync audio conferencing supplementation. Download this white paper today.

GlobalMeet® Hybrid Audio for Lync Online

Collaboration is not only more important but also more complex than ever before. However, with the superior quality and support from an expert Lync audio integration provider, you’ll be confident that every meeting and interaction consistently works on this platform.

Did you know that Microsoft Lync Online is now Skype for Business? The newest version of Lync blends the familiarity and love of Skype with the enterprise security, compliance, and control of Lync.

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