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What are the Benefits of a Cloud-Based Collaboration Tool?

In the past, enabling your business with the latest collaboration technologies required complicated, time-consuming infrastructure and network installations, lengthy trainings and considerable capital investment. However, the proliferation of cloud technologies, where applications are hosted in a vendor’s data centers and accessed through a web browser or mobile device, has made achieving better results through collaboration a simple reality for businesses of any size. But why do you need a cloud-based collaboration tool?

Whether you’re collaborating in real-time through online meetings or asynchronously through shared team workspaces, the anywhere-access of innovative cloud technologies provides immense benefits to your business. By taking your collaboration tool into the cloud, you can experience all of the benefits of cloud computing, including 24/7 global accessibility, simplified deployment and maintenance, mobility, file syncing and more.

Easy Deployment and Maintenance
SaaS collaboration solutions are simple to deploy and maintain, often requiring little more than a license activation to get you up and running—no software downloads or expensive, time-consuming hardware installations required. This also means you can almost always sample a cloud-based collaboration product with a free trial, often by simply entering an email address. By taking advantage of a free trial, you can be more confident when it comes time to purchase.

Cloud-based business applications are accessible from any web browser, meaning you can use them anywhere and anytime. This is especially important for global or international businesses; cloud solutions are accessible 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about accounting for time zones or uptime.

Syncing of Files, Data
By hosting your shareable files and presentations, on-going project documents and more in the cloud, your files are automatically synced and available from any of your devices. You can upload a presentation from your work computer, then present the file from your tablet at home without any additional action required to have access to the file. You can also easily share files with coworkers without needing to be in the same office.

Always Up-to-Date
Since hosting and updating of cloud-based software is handled on the vendor’s end, you never have to worry about version or compatibility issues. All updates are pushed out to all users simultaneously, often invisibly to end users, providing your employees with new features, functionality and bug fixes automatically.

Once you transition your collaboration tools into the cloud, you’ll empower your increasingly mobile workforce with mobile collaboration, accessible either through native mobile apps or your device’s mobile web browser. Advances in mobile hardware and software in recent years have created an environment where the mobile experience is on-par with (if not superior to) the traditional laptop or desktop experience.

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