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The Biggest Benefits of Corporate Conferencing

Your company’s global footprint keeps you ahead of the competition, but global corporate environments also add complexities to collaboration. Using corporate conferencing solutions, you can simplify and increase communication for better business results.

Some of the biggest benefits of corporate conferencing are connecting global teams and international offices for faster information sharing, increased engagement, better problem-solving and accelerated project management.

Here are just a few examples of how large corporations leverage web and audio conferencing solutions across the organization:

  • Internal online meetings pull the collective knowledge of every global branch together to generate more ideas.
  • Leadership, sales teams, marketers, IT and others are able to make presentations to the rest of the company on new products, campaigns and tools to a larger audience around the world.
  • Global employees get quicker updates through virtual training.
  • Web conferencing solutions help corporate leaders improve their communication with employees all over the world through town hall webinars.

These are just some of the examples for internal use. Using the same corporate conferencing solution, companies also hold investor relations meetings (IR calls), demo products to prospects and improve the customer experience.

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How Corporate Conferencing Benefits Your Bottom Line
Corporate conferencing isn’t just about getting face time with your global co-workers; connecting your international teams drives real business results. PGi’s infographic, “From Me to We,” reveals the remarkable results of teamwork:

  • By collaborating, companies see better productivity results in terms of innovation by 15 percent.
  • Plus, when workers collaborate outside their own teams, companies see 35 percent greater innovation and creativity.
  • Better collaboration in the workplace also results in 20 percent improved time to market.

Choosing a Corporate Conferencing Provider
While it’s vital for your corporation to connect, the wrong solution may end up interrupting your meetings instead of enhancing collaboration. To really benefit from corporate conferencing, you must choose a provider with an industry-leading reputation for reliability, global coverage, responsive support and security.

If your conferencing solution doesn’t offer a world-class infrastructure with enterprise-class security, you may not know who’s on your conference line or in your meeting room to keep sensitive information under wraps. What’s more, your conferencing solution must have the right balance of security and usability so it’s still easy for your guests to join a meeting.

Some providers just understand the complexity of large global businesses better than others. Find out how to choose an enterprise audio conferencing solution now, and learn how to identify your enterprise web conferencing needs today from PGi.

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