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How Marketing Professionals Can Benefit from Collaboration

For marketing professionals, roles, technologies, stakeholders and channels are always shifting and expanding. Every business is now digital and customer-centric, and it’s up to you to now integrate technology, visualize and interpret data and personalize the entire customer experience.

To manage it all, your team needs a marketing collaboration solution more than ever. Collaboration is crucial to alignment on messaging and campaigns, closing the loop with sales, accessing and sharing knowledge and resources, extending marketing’s role to customer service, accelerating projects and campaigns and igniting new ideas.

As it is across industries, virtual collaboration is essential for increasing productivity, agility and innovation, but in particular, for marketers like you, it is a powerful tool for breaking through the noise and staying in front of customers.

Here are just five ways your team can benefit from marketing collaboration:

  1. Connect your teams. As a marketer, you’re never collaborating in a silo. You are connecting marketing teams across regions and continents, getting sales on the same page and even syncing up with IT to purchase new technology. Marketing collaboration software helps you do it quickly and face to face so relationship building is ongoing and every interaction is more personal, no matter where you are.
  2. Source better creativity. Build engaging, long-term partnerships with the best creative agencies and vendors from anywhere in the world using virtual meetings, or contract marketing geniuses from across the country using virtual collaboration to stay in touch and on progress.
  3. Do more from a distance. Marketing collaboration solutions include online screen sharing, file sharing, note-taking, chat and more so you can host more interactive meetings and presentations with both external and internal parties, which results in more productive and creative conversations.
  4. Do more with less of your budget. With live and recorded webinars and webcasts, you can cast a bigger net for lead generation—not to mention, provide more personalized customer experiences—rather than paying for airline tickets and hotel fees to attend trade shows all year.
  5. Move faster. When your team is spread out, mobile-ready marketing collaboration tools empower you to maintain speed. Get every update and result from your marketing team on your mobile device, or call an impromptu meeting while you’re still on the road.

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However, to ensure your collaboration tool is as smart as your content, you need a solution that’s also intuitive, engaging, robust and accessible in one click. Learn more about PGi marketing collaboration solutions today.

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