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benefits of video conferencing

The Multiple Benefits of Video Conferencing

Businesses across the world are feeling pressure to increase revenue and collaboration while keeping an eye on costs. This can prove difficult when many businesses have multiple offices in different countries. Scheduling face-to-face meetings can be expensive and time consuming.

Businesses are investing in information technologies to unlock savings. Chief among these technologies is video conferencing. Video conferencing technology can help remove distance barriers, improve productivity between colleagues and clients and save money. For an initial investment equal to the cost of one business trip, a company can purchase state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment that can be reused for years to come.
Additional benefits resulting from video conferencing investments include:

Employee flexibility

Online meeting tools make it possible to hire the best talent for the job regardless of their location. It also gives employees the opportunity to work from home full-time or as needed. Modern video conferencing software comes standard with high definition video, optimized audio and smooth, fast internet connections to provide an experience that is functionally identical to in-person meetings.

Full device integration

Innovative cloud computing allows you to combine your conferencing equipment with smartphones, tablets and laptops so you can share information and presentations with unprecedented ease and speed. Have you uploaded files to your computer but need to host your next meeting from your tablet? No problem. All your files will be available no matter which device you choose.

Tailor your schedule to the client’s needs

Video conferencing means more interactive conversations with clients and partners in less time, which translates to more deals closed with a fraction of the effort.

Train remotely

Interview and educate prospective employees and coworkers without necessitating travel, space allocation or over-the-shoulder learning.

Resolve problems immediately

Implementing desktop sharing and remote device control accelerates turnaround time on inbound customer and client support calls.

As businesses continue to channel more funding into IT services, video conferencing will increasingly become the status quo. The easy-to-use technology of online meeting tools combined with the common current-generation devices will only become more intuitive over time. Embracing this trend isn’t just an immediate cost-cutting initiative, it’s also a great way to begin separating yourself from the competition.


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