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Better Audio, Better Sales

In today’s global economy, sales professionals are relying more and more on web conferencing tools. Instead of constantly traveling to meet with current and potential clients who are located in different time zones, states or countries, sales professionals are able to meet from the comfort of their own offices.

Although online meeting tools make it easy to meet with clients from all over the world, a bad tool can just as easily ruin your reputation. It’s important to your business, that your tools are high in quality and reliable.

Nothing ruins a meeting faster than poor audio quality. If a prospective client cannot hear what innovative ideas you have in store for their company or they are having difficulty understanding your answers to their questions, they may get frustrated and move on to the next company that is bidding on their business.

How do you avoid this happening to you? Make sure you are using a high quality first-party collaboration product. Both GlobalMeet and iMeet are integrated with PGi’s best-in-class audio network so your online meetings will have the best possible audio quality.

With you in mind, PGi has created web conferencing tools that allow you to get the most out of your virtual meetings.

  • Ease of mind

No need to worry about dropped calls or annoying static. PGi’s global IP network makes it possible to offer reliable, enterprise-class audio conferencing that will allow everyone to hear you perfectly.

  • You have options

With both of PGi’s web conferencing products, you can choose to connect to your meeting through a traditional phone or through PGi’s VOIP network. No matter which you choose, you are guaranteed to have a superior experience.

  • Maintain control from anywhere

You can host a meeting from just about anywhere. With innovative mobile apps, you are able to quickly sign into your virtual meeting space from your landline, smartphone, computer or tablet. Various audio features allow you to mute lines, increase or decrease volume from whichever device you choose to use. This helps keep you in control of your own meetings no matter where you are.

If you would like to learn more about PGi or the products we offer, chat with a PGi specialist today!

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