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Choosing a Mobile Meeting App for Your Remote Workforce

Whether it’s a business call, web conference or online presentation, joining meetings can present a challenge for those working outside of the office. If your team is comprised of remote workers, then you understand the key to remaining productive and effective is staying connected. One of the best ways to make sure your remote work force is in tune with the business, regardless of their location, is a great mobile meeting app.

A mobile meeting app consolidates meeting information and functionality into one user-friendly interface that can be accessed by tablets and mobile devices. These apps aim at facilitating business collaboration through video and audio conferencing abilities, file sharing and real-time chat features—all in one place.

Harnessing the benefits of a mobile meeting app will enhance your team’s ability to collaborate more efficiently, but what should you look for when choosing a mobile meeting app for your team? Check out some of these features that merit evaluation:

User Experience: Before comparing all other features on the mobile meeting app, the first and most important thing to consider is the user experience. It should be consistent, have a simple interface, intuitive navigation and enable easy meeting entry. A simple, easy-to-use design will be a make-or-break feature for your employees; investing in a mobile meeting app will only be lucrative if your employees are actually willing to use it.

Consistency: As a remote workforce, having a mobile meeting app that delivers a consistent experience across desktops, smartphones and tablets is crucial to achieving success outside the office. Look for a cloud-based service that allows your team to move seamlessly between mobile devices and desktops. With a consistent design, teams will be able to find the features they need while continuously transitioning between working in-office and on-the-go.

File Sharing: Thanks to advances in business collaboration technology, mobile meeting apps now have the ability to share information across various platforms. Consider a mobile meeting app that fosters collaboration through file sharing features—whether it be presentations, videos, images or even spreadsheets.

Hosting Capabilities: A final important feature to review while looking for a mobile meeting app is hosting capabilities. As a member of a remote team, you need the ability to host meetings on the go, and finding a mobile meeting app that allows you to do so right from the palm of your hand can really save time. Also, look for an app that includes features that allow you to easily invite guests, pass control of the meeting across various devices and has mobile screen sharing.

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