Common Web Conferencing Hangups and How to Avoid Them

Web conferencing is great for communicating with geographically dispersed colleagues, clients or prospects. For the most part, hosting a web meeting is relatively easy. However, it’s important to be careful because you can make mistakes.

There are a few hang ups that can ruin a web conference. Let’s review some of the most common hang ups so we can discuss how to prevent them.

  • You’re using the wrong technology

There are countless options for web conferencing technology. It’s vital that you make sure you choose the most appropriate technology for your company. Cost, features, connectivity and reliability all matter. Make sure you discuss your business needs with a salesperson and take advantage of any available free-trials.

  • You’re not using the technology correctly

It’s important that you become familiar with your web conferencing technology and all of its features. Hosting a meeting with a virtual audience can be tough, but some features can make the process a little easier. GlobalMeet allows users to poll meeting guests, white board, share screens and even pass controls. All of these features help attendees stay better engaged throughout a meeting.

  • The host is not prepared

Similar to an in-person meeting, things can go downhill very quickly if the host is not prepared. It’s up to the host to prepare a visually appealing and engaging presentation to not only inform guests, but to keep their attention throughout the meeting. If the web meeting is poorly organized and the host is unprepared, participants will quickly lose focus and the meeting will fail.

  • Fail to follow-up

The responsibilities of a host does not end when the meeting is over. An effective host should email a detailed meeting summary to all attendees after the meeting. Send recordings of the meeting, thank you notes and even short surveys to help evaluate the success of the meeting.

Are you struggling to find a web conferencing software that will meet all your needs without forcing you to go over budget? GlobalMeet is the perfect solution you are looking for.

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