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How to Create a Virtual Sales Training Program

Keeping your sales team up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques is no longer a complex task thanks to virtual sales training software. By using virtual meetings to train your sales team, you can experience all the interaction of face-to-face training without the inconvenience and expenses of in-person training events.

Sales training software like PGi’s GlobalMeet® gives you the full, immersive experience of meeting face to face. Attendees get to not only see the presenter’s face but also streaming videos, shared documents, poll results and group chats.

Moving training online means you save time and money on travel to get your sales pros in the field to a central location.

Since travel’s not required, your team’s sales productivity stays up and downtime down. In fact, virtual sales training lets sales pros on the move join right from their mobile device. And on top of it all, the recording feature gives you much more bang for your buck because you can reuse trainings by sharing the on-demand link.

Get Started: 5 Steps to Virtual Sales Training

  1. Establish your objectives. What do you want your virtual sales training program to accomplish? What new skill do you need your sales team to learn? What behaviors or attitudes do you want them to adjust? Establishing this first will help you better develop everything else, from your platform to your cadence.
  2. Commit to a cadence. Determine whether you need a one-time, comprehensive training for new hires or ongoing, monthly workshops to reinforce sales culture, align sales and marketing or introduce new strategies.
  3. Choose a platform. If you’re hoping to create a more intimate, interactive session with small groups at a time, consider sales training software like GlobalMeet for up to 125 participants. If you want to roll out new marketing campaigns all at once or hold bigger events for up to 325 people, consider a tool like GlobalMeet Webinar. Both web conferencing products offer easy setup and access, superior audio quality and engaging presentation features.
  4. Collect resources. Before you start creating your sales training presentation, collect everything you’ll need to design valuable slides, effective quizzes and impactful leave-behinds. Win-loss customer stories, white papers from marketing, sales enablement messaging and industry stats will pack lots of juicy resources to educate your sales team.
  5. Decide how to measure success. If a sales training program doesn’t accomplish the objectives you established, it’s a waste of time. Plan ahead how you’ll measure the ROI of your efforts. For example, pre- and post-training assessments are simple ways to measure knowledge transfer or changes in attitude, and you can use built-in polling and survey features in GlobalMeet to conduct them.

Sales is no longer a one-man show. It takes a team to engage today’s buyers. Find out how to train your sales team to embrace the radical new way to sell on social by downloading PGi’s free, new eBook, Join the Social Sales Revolution.

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