How Do I Choose Between DIY and Managed Webcasts?

Technology is now all about options, offering a plethora of preferences that cater to the rise of the user. Enterprise-grade webcasting solutions let business users host professional web events with all the simplicity and affordability of self-service solutions or all the customization and support of managed services.

Here are five questions to ask before you choose between DIY and managed webcasting:

1. How many internal resources can you dedicate? Between the many different phases of the web event life cycle, you may need to dedicate more than one person to the process (marketing for promotion and follow-up, IT for technical support, a moderator for your Q&A, etc.). If you need all the help you can get, managed services will handle it all for you.

2. What’s your level of experience and comfort? Today’s self-service webcasting solutions are so intuitive and simple, and users are so much more tech-savvy, that both first-time and experienced users alike can master the web event process just like they’re learning to use a new software program at work. For those with complex, high-stakes events, though, managed services let you focus on your message instead of getting flustered over the delivery.

3. How high-stakes is your web event? For live events, when nothing can go wrong, the expertise and in-event assistance of managed services not only helps you keep your cool but also decreases the probability of error, which is especially important when you’re delivering high-profile, sensitive information.

4. How much time do you have? If you can’t afford to spend too much of your or your team’s time executing a web event, you may want to enroll the help of managed webcasting services. If time is not an issue and your web events will be ongoing, you may want to invest some time into learning how to do it yourself.

5. What’s your budget? Self-service webcasting solutions are ideal for cost-conscious buyers, while those with a larger budget may want to splurge for the extra features and functionality wrapped into the cost of managed webcasts.

DIY webcasting offers all the tools you need to execute simple yet professional events, typically with some live event assistance (such as audio and video checks and technical support). The rest is up to you, and intuitive features within a single web portal streamline planning, promoting, delivering and analyzing your webcast.

On the other hand, everything you need before and after the event is taken care of when you choose managed webcasts. Live, professional web event experts will hold kickoff, production and rehearsal meetings with you and offer all the extra time you need to convene with them before and after the event.

Learn more about your options for delivering flawless self-service or managed webcasts from PGi’s team of web event experts today.

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