escalating conference calls to online meetings

When Should You Escalate Conference Calls to Online Meetings?

Despite all of the advances in online meetings, conference calls are still indispensable in business collaboration. Nothing beats the familiarity of a telephone, even if it is now mobile and smart, which makes conference calls still the fastest, most convenient and most accessible form of communication.

However, not every meeting is best suited for audio-only meetings. Sometimes, you need visuals to better communicate, engage and solve problems with the people on the other end.

All-in-one, “all-you-can-meet” conferencing solutions now let you choose the best way to communicate for each unique meeting, and they offer a unified communications and collaboration experience so you can effortlessly glide from one virtual meeting type to another.

So when should you escalate conference calls to online meetings? Here are some examples:

  • When you need to share content immediately and securely, escalate to online meetings. Online meetings include web conferencing features like cloud-based file storage and screen sharing so you can instantly share the agenda you forgot in the invite or collaborate on a document in real time. And, because everything is encrypted and available only to attendees, it beats sharing files on emails that can easily be forwarded or accessed by unintended third parties.
  • When you need to communicate a complex idea, use visuals. Our understanding of some concepts is limited by language alone. The richness of streaming videos, presentation slides and screen sharing better breaks down hard-to-explain ideas, and the non-verbal communication that accompanies being on webcams assures nothing is lost in translation.
  • When you need to address a sensitive matter or resolve a conflict, turn on your webcam. You cannot communicate empathy, sympathy, concern or sadness on audio only, and you won’t be able to discern the depth of emotions of the other party. It’s easy to reduce the person on the other end to a stance or position when all you see is a name, but when you can hear and see the other person, you’re better able to develop empathy on both ends and resolve sticky situations.

If you’re using an all-in-one collaboration solution like iMeet® or GlobalMeet®, you have the option to easily escalate from a conference call to a video conference. Simply click the camera icon to turn on your webcam or remain on audio only using the static user image cubes as visuals for who’s talking. And you’ll never have to take roll call again.

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