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Etiquette Tips for an Awesome Conference Call

Conference calls happen every day in the business world. You may find yourself meeting with colleagues, clients or prospects. No matter who is on the line, it’s important that you conduct your meetings in a professional manner. Not only will it ensure your calls are successful, but it will also help leave a lasting impressing on those you are meeting with.

Practice these 4 business etiquette tips on your next conference call to ensure its success:

  1. Have a clear agenda

Before you even begin your meeting, you should build out a clear and concise agenda. This agenda should have all of your major discussion topics listed. Include this agenda in your meeting invitation so all meeting attendees can view prior to the meeting. An effective agenda will help ensure the meeting stays on topic and ends on time.

  1. Distance yourself from distractions

Are you getting ready to join a conference call and you’re working from home? If so, make sure you put some distance between yourself and all of your animals. You don’t want others on the call to hear your dog chasing your cat around the living room. Try and go in a room where you can close a door. That way you can distance yourself from overexcited pets and loud children.

  1. No secret attendees

Make sure all of your attendees are aware who else is on the call. Include the names of your attendees in the body of your invite. Also, use a visual conference call tool that will allow meeting guests to see who has signed into the meeting and who is talking when.

  1. Offer mobile apps

In this day in age, people are always on the go. Whether they’re working from home or even traveling for business, people aren’t always near their computers. Mobile apps allow users to “see” the conference call no matter where they are located. This helps meeting attendees easily follow the conversation and better stay engaged throughout the meeting.

Are you interested in learning more business etiquette tips that can help ensure your next conference call is a success? Be sure to visit PGi’s SlideShare page to view “11 Business Etiquette Tips for Awesome Conference Calls”.

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