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Fun Presentation Ideas for a Virtual Audience

As businesses continue to become more global, virtual meetings grow in popularity. With geographically dispersed teams and clients located all over the globe, in-person meetings almost seem impossible.

Do you find yourself hosting a lot of virtual meetings? If so, you may find it can be a bit difficult to keep your virtual audience engaged throughout your presentation. It’s hard enough making sure people are paying attention when they’re all in the same room.

Here are five simple, but fun presentation ideas that will keep your virtual audience engaged.

  1. Choose the right online meeting tools

You can’t expect your audience to follow along if they can’t even see your presentation. To eliminate this problem, you may choose to share your desktop. However, some may feel this is a bit too personal and risks others seeing any personal information that may pop up on your screen during the presentation.

For those of you who don’t want to take the chance, you can use online meeting tools like iMeet and GlobalMeet, which make it possible for you to just share your presentation or certain files with your meeting attendees. As an extra bonus, both meeting tools allow the host to pass presentation controls to other meeting guests if there are multiple presenters.

  1. Keep your slides simple

When building a presentation, it is possible to overdo it. Overwhelming people with too much information or too many images can quickly ruin your presentation. Try to limit each slide to one main point with 15 words or fewer.

  1. Interact with your audience

As you are presenting online, you may not be able to read your audience’s expressions as easily as you could if you were all in the same room. To make sure everyone is still following along and not multi-tasking, find ways to interact with them. GlobalMeet makes it possible for you to poll your virtual audience.

  1. Relax

When preparing for an in-person presentation, you may feel a little nervous. You may not like the idea of having a room full of people stare at you and you may feel pressure to memorize all of your talking points. Hosting a virtual meeting may make it possible to eliminate some of those nerves.

Presenting to a virtual audience may make you feel more comfortable. Also, feel free to keep your notes handy so you can refer to them throughout your presentation. This may also make it easier for you when you’re building your slides. Now, this does not mean you can read from your notes. Even if people can’t see you, they will be able to tell you’re reading. Just use them as a reference.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Never assume you know how to use the online meeting tools Make sure you practice ahead of time so you can make the presentation as seamless as possible.

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