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Fun Presentation Ideas | Office Lingo Bingo

We love to meet, but hate meetings. Why? The answer is – because most people do meetings all wrong! By simply leveraging more engaging methods to keep your meeting participants involved, meetings can be more productive and, overall, more successful. Games are a fantastic technique to add a little fun and grab guests’ attention throughout the session.

Learn how to successfully grab your audience’s attention during your next presentation with PGi’s free Office Lingo Bingo game and other fun presentation ideas!

To help you on your way to creating more engaging presentations, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to playing Office Lingo Bingo. Here’s how to play:

  • Access 10 free gameboards here.
  • Print them out for your meeting attendees.
  • Use paperclips, hard candy or mints as game pieces—anything lying around in your office is great!
  • During your meeting, instruct guests to listen carefully to the meeting lingo and place a game piece on the square with the word uttered.
  • Five words in a row—vertical, horizontal or diagonal—and they win by yelling “Bingo!”
  • Give the winner a prize, such as sweets, company swag or a gift card.

Download the game now for interactive and productive meetings every time! Learn how to successfully grab your guest’s attention during your next presentation with our free eBook: The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas.

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