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The Future of Work: It’s a Cloud, Cloud, Cloud Computing World

You might remember the 1963 movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World, starring Spencer Tracey. The film was absolutely nuts, absurd, funny, crazy, fast-paced and entertaining. Some might describe the current trend of business software and services toward cloud computing with some of those same adjectives. It’s a Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, Cloud World, and smart businesses are driving like mad to get their enterprises and employees into the cloud environment, much like the characters in the movie are chasing a big pot of money.

The future of work is definitely in the cloud. In fact, Smart and Cloud computing demands lead growth in the software market (see the Forrester Forrsight figure below).


Businesses are very interested in identifying ways to improve productivity, mobility, speed-to-market and reduce costs. Cloud computing enables business improvements for companies of any size or complexity — from global Fortune™ 100 companies to the two-person small business. The workforce is only becoming more diverse and spread out.

What types of employees use the cloud?Cloud-Mobility-SMBs

  • Teleworkers
  • Flexible workers
  • Office employees
  • Home-based employees
  • Geographically dispersed virtual and in-office teams (global workers)

Companies have to contend with employees on the move, those that work at home and in multiple countries around the globe. Most of these employees and companies already embrace the cloud computing environment, without realizing they’re even accessing cloud applications. What mainstream software services does your company already access in the cloud?

Here are few popular cloud business technologies:

  • Virtual meetings technology
  • Web conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Email
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Finance/Payroll
  • Human Resources Management tools

No matter where they sleep or work, centralized cloud software systems make it easy to keep business processes and workflows moving. It is already happening.

In three years, who knows? A cloud, cloud world may not even be the future of work, because so much is happening in the cloud now — you’re accessing the cloud right now, here on the Learning Space!

Do you agree with Forrester’s insights on the future of cloud popularity? Or do you think it’s just a trend to be bumped by the next big thing?

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