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Gain an Hour at Work — Use Online Meetings to #TakeBack60

Once a year, workers gain an hour in their day during a magical time known as Daylight Savings, but what if employees could enjoy this same time savings every day of the year? After results of our survey revealed that a vast majority of employees are working well beyond the typical 40-hour work week, we decided it’s time to #TakeBack60 minutes of the workday. One vital way everyone in the company can gain time is by switching to online meetings.

The Case for Online Meetings

Between software and hardware setup and connecting from multiple endpoints, online meetings may seem like more of an inconvenience. But with the right tools, online meetings can actually run much more efficiently than in-person meetings and with minimal hassle. You’ll save time waiting on everyone to arrive in person, file into a physical room and quiet down, and you can stay on track better without interruptions (See rule 24 for running effective meetings, “Master the Mute”).

Most importantly, everyone in the meeting can save time on travel by connecting from anywhere and on any device. Employees can work from home and still hear about that product update, the boss can check in from out of town and parents can duck out early to catch the kids’ soccer games.

The iMeet® and GlobalMeet® Edge

With iMeet and GlobalMeet, you can gain even more time in your day through online meetings. Our web conferencing tools can save you an estimated 60 minutes with innovative, user-friendly features:

*Save 10 minutes on preparing. When you download Agenday, our free app, you’ll instantly have LinkedIn profiles for everyone in the meeting and meeting tips in your hands, saving you prep time for your next online meeting.

*Save 10 minutes on waiting. With iMeet and GlobalMeet, no one sits in awkward silence waiting on the meeting to start. Instead, all participants receive a call to their device to instantly join, saving everyone a potential 10 minutes or so of waiting time.

*Save 10 minutes on navigation. With intuitively-designed user interfaces, you and your participants won’t spend your meeting looking for buttons and features. Plus, both iMeet and GlobalMeet feature one-touch dialing and one-button connecting to online meetings, so you can say goodbye to dial-in numbers and pass codes.

*Save 30 minutes on troubleshooting. The software won’t start up, participants can’t connect online, the volume won’t work – it happens, but when you’re using a product with premium support, an expert is just a phone call or live chat away. Your employees will thank you for saving their time waiting, and your IT department will love you for taking that interruption out of their busy day.

You can experience iMeet and GlobalMeet now when you sign up for a completely free trial. Don’t forget to download our free Agenday app to experience the best time management tool for online meetings, and join us on Twitter to #TakeBack60.

Download the Agenday iOS app at the iTunes App Store, or get the Agenday Android app at Google Play.

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