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Generate Higher Quality Sales Leads With Video Presentations

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to sales leads. When sales professionals focus the majority of their time on pursuing a higher quantity of sales leads, instead of higher quality leads, time and resources are wasted and quotas are still hanging in the air. Focusing on quality is the best way for sales teams to close more deals.

So how can sales best determine which leads are hot and which are not? Video sales presentations are the answer.

Quality vs. Quantity
Most sales and marketing professionals agree that the importance of quality surpasses quantity when it comes to sales leads. Increasing the quality of leads generated by marketing remains a top business goal for 47 percent of companies, according to Aberdeen Group research, compared to just 24 percent focusing on increasing lead quantity.

Not all marketing qualified leads are sales-ready leads. Even sales-ready leads can still get stuck along the buyer’s journey and lengthen the sales process. Roughly half of leads are qualified but still not ready to buy, according to Gleanster Research.

In order to stop wasting time on leads that are not ready to move through the funnel, your sales team needs a better way to assess lead quality and streamline the lead scoring process.

Metrics & Automation
Using sales productivity software, your sales team can use video presentations to whittle out the cold leads and mine for the hot leads. Leverage accompanying data to better score leads and automate the process with sales acceleration technology.

Anytime a prospect views your video presentation, you not only receive an instant notification that they viewed it but also metrics on how long and how much of the presentation they watched. In other words, you now have the ability to track engagement, and thus, better assess who to contact immediately and who to nurture further before pursuing.

In fact, sales productivity software like iMeet® Narrate ensures you really know who actively watched your presentation vs. who simply ran it. When a viewer opens up your presentation in their browser, iMeet Narrate only plays it so long as they keep that tab actively open. As soon as they switch tabs or programs, the video presentation stops, keeping multitasking at bay and attention in order.

Engagement is a crucial way to determine lead quality. Demographics and buying stage alone cannot help you determine lead interest and lead behavior. Even leads that are a perfect fit aren’t ready for the next steps in the buyer’s journey if they simply aren’t opening your content or paying attention to your sales presentations.

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