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Get Your Meeting Organized: iMeet Videos to Show You How

When your day consists of back-to-back meetings, it can prove difficult to stay organized and keep up with other responsibilities. Learning to stay organized during meetings can help you save some time and keep your sanity.

Online meeting tools like iMeet® have several features that can you help you host effective meetings, while staying organized with little to no additional effort.


Save time and send a calendar invite using the iMeet option in your Outlook toolbar. It automatically generates an invite with all of your iMeet information so you don’t have to. This also makes it easier for guests, because once they open the invite they simply click on one button to join the meeting.

Call a guest

Sometimes during a meeting you realize you need the input of another individual. Instead of spending precious time trying to find them, you can simply call guests using your iMeet room. With your own personal phone number, you can call any individual, allowing guests to join instantly through their phone.


When meeting virtually, it can be difficult to have side conversations with meeting guests. The chat feature, which can be used either on your computer or your mobile device, allows you to hold private conversations with individuals or chat with the entire group.

Taking notes

When running from one meeting to the next, notes can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. iMeet has a note feature that allows meeting users to jot down any important information. Depending on which you prefer, one person can take all the notes, or all guests can contribute. As a quick follow-up after the meeting is finished, the notes can be emailed to all the meeting guests with the click of a button.

These features will allow you to stay organized and free up some time to complete your other daily responsibilities. Would you like to learn more about PGi’s virtual meeting tools? You may even be interested in signing up for a free 30 day trial.

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