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Have an Organized Meeting: iMeet Tips to Show You How

Few things in life are as frustrating as a poorly organized meeting. Participants show up late (if at all), times and locations get confused and topics and goals are unclear. As a meeting host, it’s your responsibility to keep your meetings organized and clearly communicated.

In iMeet®, there are a number of tips, tricks and features to make organizing your virtual meetings easier than ever:

Scheduling and Inviting

For a majority of professionals, a large portion of our day is spent using Microsoft Outlook®. It’s one of the most common email, calendar and contacts programs in the working world today. To truly keep your virtual meetings organized, it’s important that your collaboration tool works well with Outlook in order to prevent unnecessary complications. iMeet features an integrated Outlook Toolbar to make scheduling and starting a meetings from Outlook a breeze:

iMeet Tip #6 Using Outlook with iMeet

Call Missing Guests

So you’ve set up your meeting through Outlook and all the participants arrive promptly thanks to your pre-populated iMeet invitation. What happens when you realize you’re missing someone? Normally that would require a scramble of IMs, text messages and phone calls, but iMeet has a simple answer for you: iMeet can call your guests directly from the meeting. Even better, you can set up a caller ID number for iMeet to display so your missing guest knows who is calling:

iMeet Tip #7: Calling a Guest in iMeet

Taking and Sharing Notes

Finally, once your meeting has begun, it can be cumbersome to keep track of everything that’s discussed and the emerging action items and deliverables. You could keep your notes in a separate program or (gasp) physically write them down, but why not keep everything in the same place? iMeet offers integrated public and private note taking, and all notes can be shared after the meeting through email or with direct Evernote integration:

iMeet Tip #9 Using Notes in iMeet

Looking for more tips, tricks and insights to make the most of your virtual meeting experience? Visit the iMeet Community today to interact with other iMeet users and our iMeet experts.

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