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How a Business Calendar App Cuts Costs & Improves Productivity

In order to keep pace with trends in mobile technology, modern businesses are evolving to adapt to the ideas of flex work, telecommuting and remote work. To support a more mobile workforce, many companies are adopting a policy that allows employees use their own technology and mobile devices to work.

As BYOD becomes commonplace, there’s an increasing need for a solution to keep remote workers productive and in sync with the business while keeping costs low. That’s where business calendar apps come in.

A business calendar app unifies calendars and provides one-touch access into calls, scheduling features and much more. Here’s a list of how the features of a business calendar app can help companies cut costs and improve productivity:

Reducing Costs: With business calendar apps like Agenday®, companies can cut costs on roaming and international mobile calls by automatically dialing into meetings using the most cost-effective number. By connecting calls through the most local route, you’ll reduce surprise spikes on your company’s next mobile bill. Some business calendar apps will take mobile calling a step further with active group calling, accessible directly from the application.

Internal Communication: For remote workers, effective communication is key to making sure they’re in sync with daily business. Agenday can also serve as an additional internal communications touchpoint by sending vital information to mobile workers through banner announcements right inside the app, all managed from a central dashboard.

Aggregation: One of the main functions a business calendar app performs is aggregation of your work and personal calendars, as well as other useful information like contacts. You’ll have access to all of your appointments, contacts and meetings in one easy-to-use interface, eliminating the time spent switching between apps looking for relevant information.

Relevant Information: Because of seamless aggregation, your business calendar app will also be able to enhance your workday with relevant information. From directions to offsite meetings to local weather and LinkedIn profiles of the person your meeting with, a business calendar app will help you access relevant information to navigate through your day.

Business calendar apps are more than just aggregators; they’re applications built to help remote and mobile workers stay productive while allowing companies everywhere to leverage powerful features to solve business needs like cost savings.

If your business is looking to support a more mobile workforce, check out the new Enterprise features of PGi’s business calendar app, Agenday, available in iTunes and Google Play.

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