How Can I Use Webinars

How Can I Use Webinars?

Want to make your company more responsive to the future of business collaboration and communication? Familiarize yourself with webinars.

Webinars, or web-based seminars, offer a variety of applications to meet your team’s goals, regardless of department or role. Some examples include:

Corporate Communications

Because web events can reach a dispersed audience of any size, regional or global companies can adopt them for internal communications and live corporate events. Employee webinars accommodate team engagement and promote company culture through interaction and opportunities for relationship building. Teams can easily gauge the effectiveness of internal communications content without the assistance of IT using the accompanying webinar metrics.

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Human Resources

Human resources can educate and train employees in webinars, saving on travel and the costs of big HR productions. In a live web event, employees can ask questions and give feedback, and webinar recordings act as permanent resources for employees to return to for additional questions.

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Investor Relations

Similarly, webinars aid in the investor relations department’s goals of transparency and investor outreach because they offer opportunities for clear communication with shareholders and real-time interaction with investors from anywhere. Transform the quarterly earnings call, corporate announcement and press event into a visual, captivating experience through webinars.

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Reaching a larger audience, webinars help marketers cast a bigger net for potential buyers to fall into for lead generation. Marketing webinars may include thought leadership content for branding or topics relevant to a company’s promotions. Even product launches could go virtual as a cost-saving alternative. Because the audience can interact and ask questions, marketers can build relationships through webinars just as well as in-person events.

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Sales teams can reach a custom, targeted audience that’s ready to buy through web events. Webinars seamlessly replace in-person product demos and last-stage sales funnel interactions where the host can explain features and overcome objections.

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Engagement remains a growing trend for all departments in an organization, and visual mediums like webinars are playing an increasingly important role. Now is the time to evolve your team’s tech tools to offer both employees and customers the content delivery and interaction they want and will ultimately need. With options to do it yourself or with the assistance of experts, webinars are feasible options for any budget and skillset.

Still stumped on what a webinar is? Let our web event specialists guide you through the process so you can elevate your company’s messaging and strategy with live, virtual events. Just contact PGi today.

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