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How Can My Team Benefit from Business Collaboration?

Better collaboration equals better results. Companies are constantly adapting to provide the most efficient and productive work environments for their employees. In today’s business environment, it is no longer the individual, but the whole team that is the vector for business success. Business collaboration empowers organizations to be more competitive in the global market and drive innovation within.

Technology reigns supreme in today’s teamwork-driven workplace, connecting more employees than ever before. Corporate investments in collaboration technologies now include team workspaces, group chat, social intranets and video conferencing . The future of the collaboration landscape is projected to experience some substantial growth and influence in the coming years. According to PGi’s Benefits of Collaboration Infographic:

  • 2 in 3 companies will adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs by 2017
  • The total collaboration market is expected to grow to $33.8 billion by 2018
  • 35% of collaboration services will be cloud delivered by 2018
  • 85% of North American users across organizational levels connect with peers via video – the most of any region

Millennials in particular seek collaborative work cultures. They have been a key driver in changing the modern landscape of both workplace environment and office culture. Recent research has produced some interesting statistics on the millennial workforce as shown in the Benefits of Collaboration infographic:

  • 88% prefer collaboration over competition
  • 50% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2020
  • 25% want a chance to prove their leadership ability on the workplace

Key Benefits

Improved Time to Market
Time to market will always be crucial to business operations as well as organizational success. Interconnected team communication significantly reduces the time it takes to bring an idea to fruition. Better workplace a and fewer approval levels can reduce time to market by 20%.

Greater Innovation and Creativity
Great ideas bubble to the surface when diverse strengths and perspectives work together. Employees collaborate with colleagues outside the team, bringing information and ideas back to the group, resulting in 35% increase in both innovation and creativity.

Improvement in Communication
When individuals connect, the team becomes stronger; bringing into play the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Members will continue collaborating together outside of formal gatherings, such as meetings and debriefings, contributing to a 50% improvement in overall communication. 

Fresh Ideas
Collaboration can be a conduit for new and innovative ideas to flow through the organization. Bringing together individuals from different departments can open up new ways to reach organizational goals. The fresh ideas that result can challenge everyone to consider alternate concepts that would never have been identified and promoted when working in traditional individual roles.

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