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How Corporate Communications Can Integrate New Technology to Spread Better Messages

As a corporate communicator, it’s your job to keep your coworkers informed on all the company updates, product rollouts, culture-building events, social responsibility initiatives and more.

However, like most technology, communications technology is constantly changing and evolving. If you want to get the most bang for your buck out of your corporate communications, it’s up to you and your team to stay on top of these trends and investigate new, innovative ways to engage your internal associates.

Here are three technological innovations to help your corporate communications team spread better messages:

(Better) Emails

The internal email is the old stand-by of corp comms. Company newsletters, executive announcements and more have long lived in our inboxes. However, after months or even years of receiving the same old emails, your associates may begin to lose interest or stop reading them altogether.

Luckily, the humble email has evolved quite a bit in recent years, becoming HTML-rich with graphics, interactivity and more. Modern email tools are simple to use and let practically anyone craft engaging, interesting internal communications.

And, best of all, they come with built-in metrics tracking so you can be sure your message is being received – and read – by your target audience.

Corporate Intranets

Your company’s culture is important, and corporate comms professionals have to send out a ton of information to keep everyone in-the-know. What if you could make all of your corporate communications available in a permanent, persistent location that your associates could access on demand?

Social business technologies like corporate intranets offer a customizable location where you can house all of your communications and messaging documents for your organization’s employees. You can even use it to extend the life of your emails by saving them as PDFs and uploading them for later review.

Webinars and Webcasts

When spreading the goodness of your company’s mission and vision, wouldn’t it be great to put your leadership team in front of all of your associates? The problem, of course, is that travelling and setting up large events is expensive and complicated, not to mention the added difficulties if your company is geographically distributed around the globe.

Executive visibility is important for company culture, and thankfully, web events technology like webinars and webcasts are easier to use than ever before. They’re an innovative, cost-effective way to spread any company message, and let it persist as content by utilizing recording functionality. They also come with features like Q&A and polling so you can really take the pulse of your associates in real-time.

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