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How Do I Get More ROI From My Online Meeting Software?

What if a tool existed that could truly accelerate work, inspire teamwork and fan the flames of business collaboration? You’d want as many people to use it as possible, of course.

That’s exactly what good online meeting software does for your company, and every time you add a user or strengthen an existing user’s relationship with the technology, you increase your return on investment. The higher your user adoption, the more you multiply the business benefits of online meetings: greater innovation (on less budget), faster time to market and increased sales revenue (because, ultimately, that’s every department’s bottom line).

Here’s how you drive user adoption and ROI from your online meeting software.

Embed Online Meetings Into New Teams
Whether you aim to infiltrate new teams with the technology or breed super users, the key to increasing user adoption is to embed online meetings into employees’ existing workflows.

If your online meeting software wasn’t an enterprise-wide deployment, start testing it in other lines of business to onboard more departments. According to the free whitepaper, “10 Metrics for Measuring ROI of Collaboration,” now from Central Desktop by PGi, you should start by picking the most annoying, slowest process a team complains about:

“Pick something that is particularly irksome at your company and measure the time it takes to complete. Then move that process to a collaboration platform and let the staff know you’re looking to reduce time spent. Measure and repeat.”

Cloud-based online meetings tend to be easy to scale and are versatile enough to satisfy both HR’s need for HD, face-to-face interview software and IT’s daily stand-up meetings from across the country. The more teams you get into the same tool, the more you minimize the costs of maintaining multiple vendors and maximize cross-functional collaboration across your company.

Integrate Online Meetings Within Existing Workflows
On the other hand, if you want to minimize Shadow IT, make online meetings even stickier for existing users. Educate users on complementary products that will help them better integrate the software within their team or individual workflow. Share links to free smart calendar and mobile apps that make it easy to launch the software from anywhere, and show users how to integrate the software with video conference room systems, CRM software, digital workspaces or team collaboration software.

In both cases, it’s also a good idea to build up your software’s reputation within the company:

  • Always measure the ROI for departments using it to entice new users.
  • Use your online meeting software to record executive messages or hold all-hands meetings. Workers across the board are more likely to adopt the technology if executives lead by example.
  • Regularly share bite-size tips for a better user experience: how to bring a call support specialist into the meeting, why you should be recording every meeting, the value of sharing documents and multimedia for engagement, etc.
  • Leverage and advertise your vendor’s online communities for additional support.

Reinvent Work With Online Meetings
However, online meeting software isn’t only an alternative to slower technologies or a magic bullet to speed up tasks. The magic of online meeting technology is that it opens up the possibilities of doing work in a way you’ve never thought possible before. For some teams, that’s an entirely new concept altogether, and they need to experience that magic for themselves.

Reinvent the way you get work done now by starting your free, 30-day trial of iMeet®, a new way to experience online meetings.


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