How Do I Use Conferencing Apps for Better Meetings?

Need to meet, but not everyone’s at their desks? Then try using conferencing apps for better meetings.

Apps help you quickly connect from your desktop and applications like Outlook and Lync, as well as mobile devices increasingly making up the new, virtual workplace. No matter how you connect, they offer the same full-featured experience so you can take meetings on the go.

Boost Productivity for Better Meetings

Conferencing apps help you boost productivity and alleviate some of your biggest frustrations with meetings, like:

  • Late starts: Here’s how a mobile app helps get everyone to a meeting on time: by making joining even easier and by providing meeting notifications. Whether it’s a desktop or mobile device app, attendees bypass passcodes and connect automatically. Plus, apps organize every meeting on workers agendas and remind them when a meeting’s about to start.
  • Missing attendees: Increase attendance by letting workers join meetings from anywhere via mobile apps. When your employees are still on the road or working from home, they’ll still be able to meet face-to-face with the simplicity of an app.
  • Rescheduling: You don’t have to cancel meetings when you’re away from your workspace even if you’re hosting them. A conferencing app gives even the host the ability to create and control meetings on the fly from any device. In fact, one PGi client, Mercedes-Benz USA, said a colleague gave a presentation from a rest stop while traveling using the mobile features of GlobalMeet Audio®.
  • Information gaps: Ever had important information on the tip of your tongue? Make it easier to recall details during meetings. After you upload files to your online meeting room, you can access that information directly through the app. Plus, all of your contacts and calendars are auto-synced across devices.

Connect Your Mobile Workforce

Powering the mobile workforce is a huge benefit of conferencing apps, and although for many they may still be a “nice to have” feature, workers will probably access most of their meetings via apps in the future of work.

The ability to schedule, share, organize and join meetings with one touch across tablets, smart phones and even wearables will be essential to the growing telecommuting workforce and global enterprises.

Even the in-office worker will increasingly rely on mobile apps to meet as more employees choose, bring and use their own devices at work. Roughly 40 percent of U.S. employees of large enterprises already use personally owned devices for work, according to Gartner.

Download Free Conferencing Apps

Ready to go mobile with your meetings? Get your free conferencing apps from PGi:

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