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How Do You Make Better Sales Presentations?

Sales teams now have so many methods to attract and engage with prospects in today’s complex buyer’s journey: LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, webinars, videos, meetings, phone calls, etc. What still holds true to sales, though, is that all it takes is a tenth of a second to lose prospects to every other sales professional racing you to the next big thing.

The defining difference between sales reps that get a “yes” and the rest is: presentation!

So how do you rev up your game and make better presentations?

Take a Scientific Approach to Sales Presentations
The best sales presentations are stories, and there’s a science to creating more than slides and pitches. Here are three ways to be a rock star presenter and a better storyteller, backed by research in the newest eBook by PGi, “The Science of Sales Presentations”:

  1. Incorporate your story into the presentation design. That means thinking about the order of your slides in terms of a story arc, creating a design theme and using visuals that strategically evoke emotions.
  2. Tailor your story for each potential customer. Even if your presentation design is rock-star quality, your audience won’t care if the story isn’t meaningful to them. Each potential customer has a unique challenge, learning style and even communication style to research and incorporate into your presentation.
  3. Test your story to see what works. With the right sales technology, it’s easier than ever to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your sales presentations with data. Use that to your advantage to make ongoing efforts to tweak and perfect your story for the right audience.



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The Science of Sales Presentations

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