Carbon Footprint Part 1: Impact of Driving on Corporate Sustainability Practices

Submitted by: PGi Blogger

With the rising concerns over environmental sustainability, PGi assesses the impact of driving on corporate sustainability practices and our planet with Carbon Footprint Series Part 1: Impact on Driving. As you create a strategy to reduce your environmental impact and go green, one of the simplest ways to begin is make better decisions when its comes to driving.

1. Telecommuting: Work from home, telework, coworking or flexible working

2. Alternative transportation: Public transportation, car sharing and carpooling

3. Hybrid vehicles and fuel-efficient cars: Electric, ethanol and other gasoline alternatives

4. Driving smarter: Sudden acceleration, breaking, air conditio ning use and more.

Learn more about the best ways to alter your driving habits, choices and tools to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet.

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Image courtesy of Green Liter.