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How to Create More Value out of Your Virtual Events

Your CEO’s address no longer requires a giant meeting room, and your quarterly all-hands meeting can now happen for much less money. Welcome to the world of virtual events for corporate communications.

Virtual events cut travel and production costs for town hall meetings, conferences, sales kickoffs and other internal communications events. With those cost savings, your team could increase the frequency of your corporate events for even more employee engagement.

Plus, you immediately gain quality content that’s ready to use beyond the event itself. Repurposing online event recordings, you can extend the life of your event, increasing your ROI and improving your event’s value.

By reusing the content and repeating your message through on-demand recordings, you can reach a wider audience and increase engagement by offering options with the user in mind.

Employees don’t digest content in the same manner. Live webinars resonate with some, and shorter recaps and sound bites resonate better with others. They also don’t live and breathe on one channel. Some check Facebook, others prefer Twitter or LinkedIn and most constantly switch channels on the hunt for new content.

Slice, dice and mold your virtual events to other types of media, and you’ll create easier access and transparency, achieving your major goals for corporate communications.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

*After emailing the recording of the virtual event to both attendees and absentees, you can also post the full recording and transcript to your internal intranet. Create a webinar and virtual event archive page where employees can easily find these resources at their convenience to double-check a point made or find answers to new questions.

*Your virtual event is probably chock full of great tidbits for employees’ most frequent questions. Pull some of the points made for a FAQs post or Q&A articles on your intranet.

*If your CEO delivers a great address about the company’s missions and values, add a clip to your online learning programs or new-hire orientation.

*Many of your virtual events offer valuable content to your external audience, too. Consider sharing clips, sound bites or quotes with your social communities, or lengthen a point into a blog post.

*With simple editing, you can cut down virtual events into short, five-minute videos for both internal and external use. When pulling clips, remember to think about the main messages you want to recap and what your audience might be searching. Top each clip off with a short, written introduction.

*Don’t forget about your slide presentation! Clean it up to post on SlideShare; customers and brand fans may benefit from any statistics in your presentation. Evergreen video content could even be a great addition to press releases.

Although these steps occur after the virtual event, consider it in the beginning as you plan the event, presentation or talking points so you can tailor the material for your needs. Think about different angles on your message, and use trial and error to see what works.

Taking virtual events from real-time to on-demand is easy with the features available in user-friendly, self-service webinar software. With all of the possibilities, your corporate communications team can repurpose content in many more creative ways beyond the list above.

Learn more about how you can use webinars and virtual events on The PGi Learning Space.

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