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How to Encourage Collaboration Between Sales Teams

It might seem contradictory to encourage collaboration among some of the most competitive workers in your business, but research shows sales teams that collaborate together, win together. According to data in the PGi eBook, “Join the Social Sales Revolution,” world-class sales performers collaborate on large deals, account management and customer profiles at much higher rates than other sales professionals.

And the key to making teamwork happen in sales is collaboration technology. Collaboration tools like audio, web and video conferencing help some of the most dispersed sales teams and field offices connect and learn from their counterparts across the region and the world, no matter where they are.

The Benefits of Collaboration Tools for Sales
A lot is written about the importance of building sales alignment with marketing, but what about the importance of collaboration among sales teams themselves? That’s how modern sales teams are breaking ground on new ways of driving leads to closing.

Collaboration tools enable greater knowledge sharing in sales, which helps breathe new life into sales opportunities with roadblocks. It happens not only in formal virtual sales training programs but also now in regional meetings and peer-to-peer mentoring. For sales teams, who face pressure to adapt to constantly evolving buyers’ journeys, training and learning, investing in the right collaboration tools will help encourage everyone to take the initiative to find and share information.

Your leaders in social selling have invaluable insights on what works and what repels prospects on social media sites, and your veterans have years of experience to give newbies a kick in the right direction. Everyone has losses and successes for your sales organization to learn from, and you never know who might help you uncover a soft lead to close a major deal.

Plus, every sales rep knows that response time makes a huge impact on interactions with prospects. Without the technology to make ongoing, real-time collaboration possible, you miss out on the potential to make response times faster by rapidly crowd-sourcing ideas and expertise.

Getting Started
If your sales team’s technology has always consisted of tools for reporting and customer relationship management, you’re probably wondering, “Where do I even start looking for the right collaboration tools?”

The easiest way to ensure your sales reps have technology they’ll use with ease and frequency is looking for an all-in-one collaboration solution. By combining audio, web and video conferencing into one, user-friendly interface, sales reps have enough collaboration options to suit their unique communication styles and on-the-go workdays, without having to navigate multiple platforms.

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