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How to Ensure a Flawless Investor Relations Call

Investor relations calls can be risky business. After all the diligent, time-consuming preparations, a lot can go wrong.

What if the audio sounds bad? What if your team forgets the call flow? How will you handle dropped calls and mispronounced names, and how will you recover from late starts and mismanaged Q&A sessions?

The complexity of a large-scale investor relations call demands so much—connecting hundreds of endpoints, complying with best practices, etc.—that they often take away the time you need to focus on your message. And the stress of minimizing slipups can deteriorate your confidence, which analysts and veteran listeners interpret as red flags.

Because there’s so much to do, and doing it all with confidence is imperative, you need the right features and solutions to ensure a flawless investor relations call. So all you need to do on the day of the call is deliver your message, you need complete IR support, such as:

  • Event Management: Veteran event managers with a thorough understanding of the industry take over the entire earnings call process, from planning and preparation to execution and post-event services. An entire team goes to work planning presentations, connecting participants and managing your Q&A. An event manager further simplifies the process by acting as a single point of contact and learning your preferences as you go.
  • Operator Assistance: Seasoned, dedicated operators with clear enunciation help make events more professional, welcoming and comfortable to minimize friction and maximize interaction. They welcome and connect callers, make introductions, moderate your live Q&A and seamlessly manage call operations with your event team behind the scenes on a separate communications line.
  • Rehearsals and Briefings: Your operator and event manager conduct rehearsals and pre-event speaker briefings to make sure there are no surprises during your investor relations call. Get audio quality checks, go over call flow and review the pronunciation of names to eliminate mistakes.
  • Host Controls: A visual audio display helps your operator or IR team prioritize callers in the Q&A queue so everyone gets a chance to ask questions (and so you can avoid disruptive callers).
  • Superior Audio Quality: Nothing’s worse than being asked to repeat yourself on an IR call, and when you’ve got hundreds of callers listening, you don’t want to fumble for solutions when connections drop. Your audio conferencing provider must be known for crystal-clear audio and reliability so you’ll be able to devote your attention to your investors, not your technology.
  • Hybrid Audio Support: Maximize attendance by choosing an audio conferencing provider with excellent hybrid audio support so you won’t have any problems connecting mobile callers and out-of-town executives.
  • Pre-Recorded Calls: By pre-recording your financial announcements, simulated live IR calls let you perfect your message and take some of the pressure off you to deliver a live event. Instead, you can stand by and wait on the Q&A portion.
  • Recording and Transcription: Make your financial announcements more accessible and extend your reach to those not in attendance with on-demand event recordings and transcription services available in multiple languages.
  • Web Streaming: Easy-to-join webcasts make your events even more engaging, interactive and impactful.

Remember, it’s not just what you say on IR calls but also how you present your message.

Explore PGi’s investor relations call solutions today for experienced event management, white glove service and customized experiences that let you minimize risks and focus on perfecting your message.

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