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How to Extend the Life of Your Online Event

For corporate communicators and marketers alike, online events such as webinars and webcasts are some of the best tools for spreading your corporate message, generating leads and engaging with both internal associates and external customers and prospects.

One of the best things you can do for your department’s online event ROI is to extend the life of your online event, both before and after the event itself. Your event and the content that comes out of it is rife for opportunity to generate social buzz, increased site traffic and more—if you plan accordingly.

Before Your Online Event

The weeks leading up to your event are a perfect opportunity to seed interest, through social media or content channels, and to build up anticipation and awareness.

For internal online events, send out company-wide emails announcing the event, its purpose and all of its connection information. Depending on the event’s importance, you can also create “desk drops” with brochures or other printed documents reminding your associates of the event. All of these tactics help ensure high attendance.

For external events, create blogs leading up to the event, both to help fill out your editorial calendar and to generate interest. On social media, start using your hashtag in the days and weeks before your event, not just during the event itself, to fill out the hashtag feed and to help spread the word. Again, the goal is to maximize attendance and visibility of your event.

After Your Online Event

Once your event is completed, you can continue to leverage the content that came out of it, either as on-demand training and review for your internal associates, or as additional blog and social media content.

For internal online events, save the event recording and upload it to your corporate intranet or send it out in a company-wide email. This turns your one-time event into a piece of content that can live on for as long as it remains relevant. You can also leverage any Q&A that came out of the event from your associates to craft additional internal communications or even plan more events!

For external online events, similar to internal ones, it’s vital to save the recording and share to your corporate YouTube channel or other social media or content properties. Successful events are rife with blog and content opportunities, from deep-diving on questions asked in Q&A to creating polls on what your attendees would like to see from future events.

The moral of the story? Your online event is much more than the 60-minutes it takes to conduct it. If you truly want to maximize your web event ROI, squeeze as much content out of your event as you can!

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