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How to Get Social with Virtual Meeting Participants

Today, professionals are connecting with each other online more than ever through tools like virtual meeting solutions and social media. What happens when you merge the two? Meeting magic.

Social media helps you establish and build long-term business relationships by making meetings more personal and providing a forum to continue the conversation after the meeting. Your social media profiles give guests a more holistic view of who you are: what you’re interested in, what your values are and even how you communicate. And when participants can learn more about each other, more meaningful conversations come out of each virtual meeting.

Telecommuters can bond over vacation photos on Flickr, marketers can share inspiring links they find on Twitter and sales teams can compare LinkedIn connections. Social features are incredibly beneficial not only for your internal team meetings but also for external meetings with partners, video interviews with candidates and sales meetings with prospects.

The ability to socially connect right from your virtual meeting room makes it easier to draw brand advocates to engage in your company’s online conversations, to nurture sales leads and to grow your own social audience (because let’s face it, these days everyone has a professional brand). And once you see that the other person in the meeting room shares a connection with you, it makes it much easier to forge authentic connections when you meet someone for the first time.

How to Connect Your Social Profiles to iMeet

PGi’s virtual meeting solution, iMeet®, offers social integration with the most popular social networking sites so you can build your connections within your meetings. Setting up your social networks in your virtual meeting space is a simple process.

To seamless integrate Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn or Twitter, follow these steps:


  1. Click on the app, and if you’re not already, sign in to Facebook.
  2. Click “Okay” to give the app permission to connect your personal profile with iMeet.
  3. Facebook will open in your browser. Click “Okay” to give iMeet access to your profile.
  4. Click “Okay” or “Skip” to let iMeet post on your behalf.


  1. Click on the app.
  2. Enter your Yahoo! ID and click “Share.”
  3. Optional: Click the Flickr gear icon to share private albums, too.


  1. Click the app.
  2. Click “Okay” to authorize iMeet to connect with your LinkedIn profile.
  3. LinkedIn will open in your browser. Sign in, if you’re not already.
  4. The following page will have a security code. Enter it into your iMeet app and click “Submit.”


  1. Click the app.
  2. Click “Okay” to give iMeet permission to connect with Twitter.
  3. Twitter will open in your browser. Click “Authorize app” to give iMeet access to your account.
  4. The following page will give you a PIN number. Enter it into your iMeet app and click “Tweet Now.”

With the apps enabled, now guests can expand your cube to preview your social media profiles. For example, they can see your Facebook friends and photos; they can browse your Flickr photos; they can preview your job title, location, industry, past experience and education from LinkedIn and they’ll preview a snippet of your last tweet.

In addition, you now have the ability to easily connect with others, post your personal virtual meeting URL to social media and export social media contacts to Outlook, all from iMeet.

Tips to Invite Your Meeting Participants to Connect

iMeet social appsSocial media is meant to be a two-way conversation. So how do you encourage everyone else in the meeting to connect their profiles, too? The best thing you can do is lead by example and show, don’t tell, how it’s useful.

Once you connect all of your social apps, let your participants know that they can ask you questions or stay in touch after meeting by connecting with you directly from iMeet. This demonstrates the relationship-building functionality without having to set rigid guidelines for your guests.

And to show everyone how enriching and fun it is to show your personal interests on social, bring it up in conversation. As an aside, talk about a recent trip that everyone can see on your Facebook or Flickr photos. Mention an interesting article you read and just posted to Twitter, or broadcast a LinkedIn group you just started that others can join.

Mixing personal profiles with business meetings may not seem appropriate to some people, but once you demonstrate the benefits of getting social, it’s much easier to drive the change.

If your current virtual meeting solution is missing that social sauce, try iMeet free for 30 days. Invite your entire team into the room to see the difference a more personalized experience makes in your virtual meeting.

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