How to Improve Conference Calls with New VoIP and Mobile Technology

How to Improve Conference Calls with New VoIP and Mobile Technology

The days of your father’s conference calls are over, thanks to innovations in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and mobile technology. Gone are the days of “Who’s there,” “Who joined” and “Whose dog is barking?” Just as technology gave us incredible advances in global phone calls and infrastructure, so technology continues to advance into the new era of enterprise conferencing. That future lies in VoIP and mobile apps that improve conference calls for the new generation of workers.

Why VoIP conference calls?

With incredible advances in Internet and broadband technology, “Call My Computer” phone calls are now the most popular way for people to connect with family and friends abroad. In fact, more international phone calls were made using VoIP than any other method in 2008. Why? Global availability and low price.


Like nearly all consumer technologies leaking into our new BYOD IT world, VoIP calling is now available in a made-for-enterprise Benefits-of-New-Conference-Call-Tech fashion with improved call quality, robust global availability and even full-collaboration solutions to escalate conference calls into virtual meetings. The beauty of using VoIP for conference calling is the virtual presence is there with tools like GlobalMeet by PGi. When connecting to a conference call, hosts now can “see” the call on their desktop to manage attendees, mute noisy lines and even record the call. This new desktop management system makes conference calls more effective and takes away the pain of managing a multi-person call.

Why mobile conference calls?

The answer to this question is: Why not? With over 5 billion mobile phones in the world, people in the largest cities and the smallest rural homes use mobile devices for work and play. And with more than 60 million people telecommuting in the U.S. alone, people are taking conference calls on their cellphones, smartphones and tablet devices at an increasing frequency. Therefore, mobile apps for conference calling — and virtual meetings — help companies prepare today for the mobile conference calling shift of tomorrow.Like the VoIP option, mobile conference calling apps also make managing group calls much easier. In the iMeet app, for example, hosts and guests can see who’s in the meeting, talking and even share documents if they want to transition to a more in-depth remote communication.

Technology just keeps getting better, and advances have certainly impacted the world of the conference call for the better with modern VoIP and mobile apps.

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