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How to Leverage Online Presentation Tools to Enhance Business Collaboration

How to Leverage Online Presentation Tools to Enhance Business Collaboration

Presentations are more than just Powerpoint slides. Great presentations utilize many ingredients to create the perfect atmosphere for presentations that are effective, influential and educational. So when it comes to the newest method of business collaboration, web meetings, here’s how you can leverage online presentation tools to maximize your virtual effectiveness.

Location, location, location.
For great presentations, setting the stage is the first task that could make or break the effectiveness of your meeting mission. When it comes to online meeting rooms web conferencing or video conferencing tools make sure that you choose a tool that is easy to use, available from anywhere and provides a great experience for your guests. And remember, nothing ruins an online presentation faster than a web, audio or video conferencing room your guests can’t join because of meeting download hassles.

Invite surprise, highly qualified presenters and speakers.
While speakers can’t be in the physical room during an online presentation, today’s online presentation rooms offer a wonderful way to bring in expert presenters like never before. Using online presentation tools like iMeet by PGi, you can invite highly qualified presenters to speak “face-to-face” with your attendees without footing the bill for booking a convention center, business travel costs or room and board.

Integrate online presentation tools for powerful, multi-media imagery.
Today’s most popular online presentation tools, like Prezi and SlideRocket, add a new flavor to presentations like never before. Gone are the days of “Death by Powerpoint” meetings as these tools integrate videos, animations, colorful imagery, charts, graphs and more into every presentation. In your online meetings and webinars, you can leverage these great tools during the meeting to provide an exciting new experience to your attendees. In iMeet video conferences, for example, you can present these unique tools using screen sharing technology or integrate the presentation’s web link right into the room for easy guest viewing.

Tailor your message to the audience and the audience’s attention span.
A common problem today is finding yourself in a meeting that has nothing to do with you. Or perhaps even worse, being stuck in a presentation that drags on way past its expiration date. With online presentations, you add the extra risk of multitasking so it’s vital that your presentation and your messages a succinct and to the point.One of the best methods to ensure your audience is paying attention and gauge their reactions if you’re hearing crickets is using integrated online presentation tools like polling, chat, collaborative note taking and even live webcams. These tools let you feel out your audience, whether they’re eyes are drooping on webcam and even their opinions on a certain topic you just raised.

Online presentation tools have come a long way and are incredibly valuable tools in today’s increasingly mobile and digital business world. What presentation ideas have you used in your online meetings? What technology helps you create a great face-to-face presentation online?

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